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Because we do not sell products. Rather we provide effective solutions that solve customersproblems” – Jurriaan van Straaten

We are instrinsically driven to help people in creating value for their customers. We look beyond your product to understand your motivation. So, what is your drive?

Our inspiration: You!

And your colleagues, customers and their passengers.

We get inspired and find solutions with you. However, we will challenge you, your products, the market and above all your sales tactics. We believe that the foundation of successful collaboration is understanding each other. 


By challenging your status quo and instilling a commitment to a strong sales awareness 

By putting your customer at the center of our focus, we can retrace their needs and find a potential match with your product’s benefits

By taking advantage of our vast professional network and experience in the aviation industry


Sales Challenger

A thorough analysis of your commercial operations by improving existing strategies in order to boost sales

Customer Ambassador

It’s not just theory we excel at, it’s our fundamental believe and vast experience that actual presence works best


Aviation Business Boost was founded in 2015 by Jurriaan van Straaten. He has had the pleasure of working with several aviation industry leaders. Relying on his extensive experience, Jurriaan decided there is a strong need to reinvigorate the complicated yet highly relevant sales structure of many SME’s. He uses his insights and experience in the industry to boost your business.

Jurriaan van Straaten is an authentic customer value creator with 10+ years experience in international sales & business development in the aviation industry. 


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